Nurturing a Love for Books: How to Get Kids into Reading

kids reading

The love for books and reading is one of the priceless gifts adults can give to children around them. While children acquire reading skills in school, many do not develop a passion for books. Creating a fun, pleasant, and supportive environment for kids to explore the joys of reading is essential in developing the habit. Here are some of the many ways to get children to love reading and develop an enduring passion for one of life’s simple pleasures.

1. Make time for storytelling. Reading stories to children is one of the best ways to encourage them to read. The great thing about this activity is that it also allows you to spend time with kids. Set aside some time for story telling either at home or in your community. Tell them the best tales you grew up with or pick their favorite stories.

2. Invest on books. Create an environment that encourages reading. Having plenty of books, magazines, journals, and other materials at home is one way of subtly motivating kids to read. Collect fun books for kids that would capture their interest and hook them to read more.

3. Visit libraries or bookshops together. Constant exposure to places and people that exhibit a passion for reading can inspire them to explore the enriching pursuit.

4. Make reading fun. Do not force children around you to read. Make reading exciting and fun instead of being a burdensome chore. Many children who grow up surrounded by adults who enjoy reading discover a passion for the pursuit as well.

5. Aim for a pleasant reading experience. Don’t use reading as a punishment. Your goal is to make reading fun for kids. Using it as a punishment even just once can only create unpleasant memories.

6. Choose the right books. Find out more about the kids’ interests. Give them books that they would enjoy reading. Allow them the freedom of choice. If your kids like comics or books about robots or vampires, let them read to their hearts’ content. The idea is to get your kids to love reading and not to control or limit their choices.

Reading for the sheer pleasure it gives is one of the most satisfying and worthwhile pursuits. Helping kids develop the passion for reading is a gift that comes with lifelong benefits. Being a positive influence on your children can pave the way for them to discover the wonders and joys of reading.

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